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giovedì 26 luglio 2012

Not everyone knows that...
(author: user Vettore)

The other day I sent Daniele an e-mail where I told him a few things about recent happenings about LENR research and the E-Cat. Daniele wanted to publish my e-mail because of its content, which could have "cheered up" many people. I suggested him that probably it would have been better to make a dedicated blog post, because of confidentiality reasons due to its content, because of its form which wasn't the best stylistically, because the topics and the message it is bringing actually deserve to be conveyed to the many who lately have been "tormented" by doubts, hope or fear.

Let's begin from the first underlying message: do not ever mistake reality for the perception you can have of it through the Internet. Reality is (fortunately) much more diverse and complex, and possibly even more incredible compared to what you can sense from the Internet! Few are aware of this, and therefore they struggle to form their own idea or worst make conjectures on things of which they have a very, very partial point of view... Take always this into account in your evaluations (and in particular when agreeing to what the various "know-it-all" say).
I will be more explicit: I, like Daniele anyway (and few others), am privy to information about the E-Cat, the Hyperion and other LENR technologies in general that are unknown or have never been made public. This information paints a much different picture of the situation than the naive one that "skeptics", "believers", "disruptors" debate on blogs and forums. This information unequivocally reveals that what is being written is real, and that there is an incoming revolution! That there are many serious people and many large companies painstakingly working, quickly progressing and that everything is much more "intertwined" than it appears.
I'll make a few very specific examples, to put what I am saying into context (which is not to convince anyone, but to "cheer up" who needs it, to cite Daniele): do you remember the MegaCat demo from last October? Do you really believe that the "report" was that little handwritten notepad sheet?!? Obviously that wasn't the real report: no company (either for its own sake or on behalf of others) makes tests that way! To me as an entrepreneur this is a given. It's probably that several reports were made, even by the attending companies. Anyhow, the conclusions should all be the same: the thing works. Another example: I'm aware that there are a number of important global companies which take LENR seriously (either technologically, scientifically or commercially)! One of these recently came out: NI. But I can assure you that there are several other ones of equal or even bigger size and importance!
As a further proof of the fact that everything is "intertwined" instead, but still true, I could mention another rumor: you should know that several months ago I contributed to the start up of a LENR experimentation program. A long chain of events, which even I am partially unaware of, links that undertaking to the birth of something very interesting, which is being discussed these days (I'm referring to reaction trigging techniques which seem to be in common among devices even very different among each other like NANOR, Brillouin's Boiler, Hyperion and maybe even Athanor and The E-Cat)... This makes it clear that apparently strange, erratic and "dodgy" (as somebody would define) events and ways of proceeding come instead from much work and effort which in the end lead to similar roads although through very different paths. Many results are not due to improvisation or incomprhensible or senseless efforts, but dedication.
To change subject (slightly), I would like to share a recent news which will surely be of interest to many: following several events occurred since the beginning of this year, a small group of researchers, of which I am part of, formed to begin LENR experimentation, even in collaboration with the university. The experimentations we plan to make take inspiration from those of Piantelli/Focardi, Celani and Iwamura (by the way, those who doubt the validity of anomalous heat effects should read his papers on transmutations... let's see if they will be able to find flaws in this experiment, where element transmutations are observed in real time...). The goal of this experimentation is to find a strongly measurable, replicable and unambiguous phenomenon, to be used as a tool for the systematic study of LENR phenomena. It must be noted, in fact, that one of the greatest difficulties that researchers traditionally had to face in this field (and partially still have to face) is the lack of perfectly repeatable and controllable phenomena. With the lack of these characteristics, an experimental and systematic study of phenomena and therefore the definition of a valid and possibly complete theory is not possible. The impossibility to formulate a theory itself leads to the lack of direction in experimentation. In other words, currently progresses are made empirically, and since the research field and the variable scope are extremely wide, it is not possible to paint a sufficiently clear picture yet. Even the most promising proposed theories (like Widom-Larsen's) are not sufficiently detailed to guide experimentations.
The importance of a repeatable and controllable phenomenon also has also an added value: it's a "smoking gun" to make the scientific community change its view about LENR phenomena. I expressed this concept in a "politically correct" way, even if reality is far from being like it (I had the chance to experience this personally several times): the scientific community is not "reasonably skeptic" toward these phenomena, it's literally hostile". This hostility often reaches the point of hindering such experimentations with every possible way (and mean action). There are several reasons for this hostility. A first factor is certainly human stupidity, which is uniformly distributed among the population and therefore does not even spare "professors of proven fame" (stupidity can assume several forms, among other things). The second factor is power: as long as I can make others believe I am the top expert in a certain field (because maybe I was actually one for short periods of time decades ago), and that all others are incompetent, then I can maintain my power. As soon as a new field that not only I know nothing about, but where others are instead acknowledge as expert, I immediately lose my power and maybe truth will also see the light (that I've been an unproductive researcher for decades, who keeps going on just because of good "connections"). There's also a substantial economic motivation for hostility (grants, fundings, etc): research fundings follow "trendy" topics; if my research topic is not being widely discussed anymore and other ones become more popular, it risks being not funded anymore. Well, if you believe I am exaggerating, then it means you have never worked in an Italian university :-) The affairs we've recently read about clearly testify this. And there's no need to take Carpinteri and Cardone as an example, it would suffice to carefully analyze the happenings of Eng. Abundo: it just took the announcement of the experimentations, not even positive results, to make the brave "science guardians" go into rampage...
Well, we wouldn't mind to make, as a nice side effect, jump from their desks (or better, from their armchairs) those who have been there for far too much time without deserving it, those who impede research instead of promoting it. Probably this will happen anyway regardless of our results, but... the satisfaction of contributing to this is priceless! :)

I'll conclude with a quote I recently said to Domenico Cirillo regarding the unconstructive behavior of certain individuals: there's no point in arguing, we need facts now. Being aware that facts require more work, dedication and much more time than small talk...

Until next time,

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Valeria ha detto...

Avevo messo un commento, ieri....
Lo posto di nuovo

Ciao Vettore,
ti stimo molto (da prima, non da adesso)
continua così, tu come altri, tappiamo la bocca a questi imbonitori da mercatino del giovedì mattina....

Dobbiamo andare avanti, c'è un cammino da fare tutti insieme...

Buon lavoro!

Daniele Passerini (22passi) ha detto...

Avevo messo un commento, ieri....
Lo posto di nuovo

Vale, hai semplicemente sbagliato post: non avevi lasciato il commento qui (traduzione inglese) ma sulla versione originale in italiano, dove ci stanno anche le risposte che hai ricevuto! :)

GPT ha detto...

As in the previous tredh let me post my ideas in english too:
--- an idiot (like me) hipotesys---
1. Since it appears from the post that the MegaCat is working fine, let's buy one, disassemble the module and make parallel research around the globe in more than 50 universities. There is no need to try building " maybeworking" prototypes you already have several ones!
2. To quickly get your 1.5 mln back let's have several around the globe tv demo (tv are willing to pay people for breacktrought and exclusive programs!). Within 6 months you have all your money back.
--- end of an idiot's idea---
What's wrong in my stupid argument as described above?

Valeria ha detto... doppia versione mi deve aver tratto in inganno: ho perso il ritmo, evidentemente!

Ciao Daniele e ciao a tutti

Anonimo ha detto...

Uops, commenti fumati, riposto le mie domande :)


Grazie per le info rassicuranti. Domanda di approfondimento (assolutamente non provocatoria).

Se l'oggetto palesemente funziona (e qundi necessariamente comnvince tutti), perchè si intraprende un percorso di ricerca atto a convincere il mondo scientifico? In cosa si differenzia questa iniziativa ?


Il gioco estivo si chiama "Trovate le differenze" :)

Esiste - io ho notato solo quella - una differenza tra la prima versione messa in rete e questa.

Nella prima versione si parlava di più report effettuati sul megagattone e di alcuni aneddoti divertenti (conversione di scettidi durante la prova :).

In questa versione la questione dei report è data in forma probabilistica e gli aneddoti spariti....

Perchè? :)

Scusate, ma questa vicenda è talmente intrigante che alla fine si diventa un po' investigatori privati della rete e attenti al dettaglio :)


Anonimo ha detto...

So sorry, non avevo visto che questa è la traduzione inglese :)

Mi cospargo il capo di cenere.

Naturalmente ardente :D

vincenzo da torino ha detto...

@GPT. Rossi ha rintuzzato il riccone australiano con la proposta di comperare un ecat da 1MW per avere la certezza che funzioni. Non ha risposto!
I soldi per un ecat industriale sono tanti e credo che ancora per un poco di tempo Rossi lo da solo a chi gli garantisce sicurezza e scopi mirati, non per rubargli i segreti... Rossi ha cambiato strategia non solo sull'impostazione di ricerca e ricerca di soci validi e motivati, ma anche nel dire e non dire, dopo la scoppola con Defkalion. Vuole lavorare tenendo tutti sulla corda con il suo blog, ma stare anche tranquillo (non neppure il tempo per presenziare ai vari simposi!), poichè di sviluppo ve ne è ancora molto da fare, come ammette lui stesso. Sembra però che siamo al capolinea per grandi eventi....

GPT ha detto...

Vincenzo che dire... Speriamo! Io ho evidenziato incongruenze logiche, il milionario Australiano aveva offerto soldi per dimostrazioni che Rissi non vuol fare. Che dire vedo ottimismo, ne son felice chissà che a breve i misteri misteriosi saranno svelati :). Certo che somiglia un po' alle rivelazioni di Nostradamus ;)

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